Guided Meditation Video – For All Trimesters

Known to us all – pregnancy can sometimes cause stress, anxiety and fear.
This is natural for us to be feeling a little more under the pump – our bodies are working harder and our minds are​ too. With much unknown that lies ahead of us, this can cause our bodies to become tense through anxiety and worry. Meditation is a lovely and relatively easy practice to start and all you need is a little bit of time and an open mind.

Meditation also has some incredible health benefits, not only for mothers but babies too! Meditating can help us feel reduce anxiety, which will in turn help keep our baby’s temperament more calm so our baby will hopefully be able to self soothe sooner and more effectively.

Both mother and baby have a whole new chapter ahead. The best way to try and approach this is with a clear, focused and positive state.

Try this guided meditation to get you started – leave your comments and let me know how you felt after

​Namaste,  B

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