Weaning off caffeine

I am a ‘coffee as soon as I wake up’ kind of woman. Not because I necessarily feel I need the caffeine kick to wake me up but more of a comfort and tradition to start the day.

Before falling pregnant this time, I had spoken to my therapist about my caffeine intake. She suggested that it may be affecting my anxiety levels and also my sleep, keeping me wired and alert. I never thought caffeine affected me, I had always thought that I had a strong tolerance from the start – that is until I decided to cut back.

It was a week before my period was due when I decided to cut back. Mainly for the purpose of trying to reduce my anxiety levels.

I went cold turkey – From about 3 cups a day to nothing in one day … and that’s where the headaches started to kick in.
I almost felt more anxiety in the first day because I had none at all!

I spoke to my therapist about my experience and she said that weaning off ‘slowly’ was definitely an easier and smoother process.

I already then had endured the first three days so I thought to run with the process. 4 days later, I successfully went through the day without coffee and headaches!

I will admit, switching from my dark creamy coffee to an earthy herbal tea isn’t the easiest switch but there are many other ways to start …

  • Try to eliminate slowly ie: If you have 3 coffees a day, limit to two in the first week, then one in the second week.
  • Blend a spoonful of caffeinated and decaffeinated instant coffee to cut down in the serving size
  • Switch the afternoon coffees and coffee catch ups for green teas initially, then try herbal teas without caffeine. There are soooo many flavours to choose from!
  • If you do cut down and you need that flavour to settle you once again, decaf is always a better option, But remember there are still traces of caffeine in decaf
  • Definitely hydrate yourself during this time, headaches can be a normal occurrence whilst lowering your normal caffeine intake.  Try infusing some water with lemon, mint and cucumber to make drinking water more enjoyable

So thankfully I had another reason to continue with my caffeine detox – I found out that I was pregnant. It has been easier to not be tempted since I know I have a little one growing inside.

Typically every morning I will have half a serving of decaffeinated coffee for tastes sake. Now though I’m thinking, was it the pregnancy or the lack of caffeine that was making me feel tired! Who knows, but I am definitely feeling better for it!


Namaste, B


3 thoughts on “Weaning off caffeine

  1. the fact that withdrawal causes such powerful headaches proves it is a drug of addiction … just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s healthy .. I also had huge withdrawals when I got off but am now one a day just for the pleasure 🙂

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