Olive oil for your lady bits 

Vaginal tearing during pregnancy is definitely not something I am hoping to experience in my pregnancy journey.

I heard a wonderful trick from a friend who claims that she massages olive oil on her labia majora and around her perineim to avoid the dreaded test during childbirth. I am always interested in DIY home remedies so I looked into this claim straight away.

It is said that olive oil, or vitamin E oil, are excellent lubricators and moisturizers to the skin downstairs and that massaging oil into this area is not only for pregnant women.

Benefits of using olive oil on your lady parts are that it can help strengthen the tissue around the vagina, reduce irritation and sensitivity of your skin during your period and of course for the ladies expecting, it can help decrease the risk of tearing during childbirth.

FYI olive oil can actually be used as a lubricant during sex and especially helpful if any women suffer from dry skin down there or if they have pain during intercourse.

And for those women who experience regular yeast infections or are prone to bacterial infections, steer clear from this DIY tip as it can affect further infections. Others, use with moderation as it can increase vaginal discharge and irritation.

I will note I will be using ‘extra virgin’ olive oil for the irony of it! Applying once every second day to see how my skin responds… hopefully it helps nourish and strengthen my lady parts.

Let me know if you’ve heard any hype of this and claims on the success!
Namaste, B

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