First trimester woes

Morning sickness, extreme fatigue, awkward bloated belly, changing appetite, mood swings and breakouts! Ah – the joys of pregnancy.

While everyone says Pregnancy is the most beautiful gift – we’r not doubting, just praying for this first trimester to hurry up and pass.

Along with the ‘lovely’ symptoms mentioned above, another added challenge is keeping it a secret until you know for sure your pregnancy progresses safely and healthily.

To tell or not to tell? It comes down to the individual. I have experienced miscarriages and this time the pregnancy seems to be going forward well however there is still a fear that it might not. I’m past 8 weeks and have let it slide to a few close friends that I am knocked up. There was a thought to keep it under wraps, but I am a person who thrives with support and love from those closest to me – whether the news be wonderful or not as planned.

Fortunately I haven’t been running to the bathroom too often. Instead I’ve been plagued with a tiredness that I never could imagine. I worked as a flight attendant and still this pregnany fatigue trumps the jet lag.

Being tired = being lazy. Being lazy for me = sadness. I typically cannot stand doing ‘nothing’.

During these first two months, surprisingly I’ve started to adjust and learn how to actually rest when my body is asking me to. Like in yoga, when I tell people to “listen to their bodies” – I am finally taking on my own advice!

Making a tiny person isn’t just something that will come without any changes and side effects. This little one needs energy and fuel, and yours at that.

Relish in the time that you’re able to relax, not because your colleague tells you ‘You better relax now before the baby comes’ but because your body is asking you to.

If you’re dealing with morning sickness (or afternoon sickness!) it’s advised to eat smaller meals at a time and try to keep down as much fluid as possible. Ginger is supposably a great remedy for nausea – try a ginger tea or suck on a ginger lollypop.

One of my bigger (or louder) problems right now is gas – the hormone progesterone is to thank for this! Progesterone is essential for maintaing a healthy pregnancy, but it’s also triggering bloating, burping and farting. Progesterone causes the smooth muscle tissue in your body to relax, which includes the gastrointestinal tract. This slows down digestion for you but it makes more time for your baby to be able to absorb the nutrients.
Something to be thankful for in the big scheme of things!

While there are many downers in these first few months of transitioning – the positives outweigh the negatives 100% !
You are growing your baby and this time is to nurture and care for yourself mentally and physically.
The journey is just beginning and as much as we acknowledge and accept these challenges and changes, it’s best to start it off finding the positives in every circumstance.

Stay happy and healthy! Share any tips in the comments below.


Namaste, B

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