Pregnancy announcements – When to do it and how?

I have been plagued by this question myself over the past few weeks.

My partner and I suffered two losses, but since this one is going swimmingly well – there’s the uncertainty if we should wait until the popular 12 weeks or contain our excitement no more and announce a little early.

I have spoken to mothers that have been through the same dilemma and each has their own experience with advice to come with it.

I have also read alot of mummy blogs, shaming mothers for announcing ‘too early’ or even not announcing at all!

A yoga client of mine told me that since she is an expatriate, she can get away with telling as few people as possible and eventually see her friends and family in her home country just before she gives birth or even after. I asked her why she opted to do this, she told me she didn’t want to draw attention to herself and have family members hassling her (she is from a huge ethnic family – she tells me apparently ‘they judge everything’ )
– So there’s one way to go about it.

There is a bursting excitement inside of me that wants to share it with all of my friends and colleagues however the fear from past experience still plays on me a little. The ‘what ifs’ scenarios start circulating in the mind.

My mother told me that with her first, she let it slip to everybody. And understandably. With the first it’s a completely new ball game! I admittedly have started to let the news slide as weeks go on to a few people.
When it comes to announcing, the ‘announcement’ nowadays is actually by social media.

With the likes of facebook, instagram and all the others I don’t really take part in, this is the headlining news of friends, family and acquaintances.

I’ve been looking for the past few weeks some ideas on how to break the news. Unfortunately I have no impulse control so the cute personal family announcements with cards and clues are out of the question now. I’m down to the trivial social media post

The ultrasound picture I am unsure of posting. I tried to understand why I feel this way and I think i’ve unfortunately read a post where someone didn’t like it now i’ve taken on the emotion of that view. In all honesty I love our pictures and they melt my heart – I just can’t bring myself to show what my uterus looks like on facebook.

The shoes – mummy, daddy and babies shoes. Showing a new addition to the family. This option is cute and plain obvious but for me I don’t feel it’s personal enough.

Mummy’s bump with a chalkboard about the size of baby and how many weeks. Again not a direct yes from me…

I’ve thought about what depicts this special time and I believe I have found the answer.
A fun happy picture of my husband and I smiling and pointing to my belly with a caption ‘We’re expecting.’
For me I feel this is totally authentic and personal to us. We are expecting and we are super excited!

As for the timing, well – We are headed to the US for a trip and my husbands family will be there. We will be around 10 weeks and we feel comfortable at this stage all is going well.

From all of the information and considerations i’ve gathered, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no wrong time to announce. As long as your partner and yourself are comfortable with sharing the news, the more people that know the more support you have


Namaste, B


Did you have trouble or conflicting ideas about when and how to announce your pregnancy? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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