The bad, the annoying and the just plain weird pregnancy advice…

Everyone’s got something to say! Whether it’s to your face or to someone about you.

Throughout your pregnancy unfortunately some people will put you under scrutiny and judgement. 

When you are only trying to do your best or what you believe is right for you and baby, without trying to offend you, others sometimes think they have better advice to give.

Old wives tales are commonly spread and to be taken with a grain of salt but some I’ve heard are just a little on the too far out scale…

If you’ve been under the microscope from judging eyes in your pregnancy. Take it lightly and instead of getting angry, take a giggle to yourself and brush it off. It can be hard to not get riled up. The people giving the advice are only worried out of their own care for you, otherwise they wouldn’t bother telling you!

Here are some ‘different’ words of advice I’ve read or heard over the years…….

  • Don’t wear jeans because the button can cause a dent in your babies head 
  • Don’t lift your arms up above your head as it can tangle the umbilical cord around your baby
  • Prepare your nipples for breastfeeding by scrubbing your nipples with a pumice stone each night (OUCH!)
  • Sleep enough now because you won’t sleep when the baby comes! 
  • Do not squat after your first trimester as the baby will come out 
  • Don’t go outside without warm clothes on as it can give the baby a cold when they come out 
  • Don’t dance or make any sudden movements throughout any trimester because it can bring on labour 
  • Eat yams to have a baby girl 
  • If you have morning sickness, crawl over your husband on the bed to give it to him too (OK haha!)
  • You can tell if you’re having a boy or girl by the shape of your belly

 Comment below if you have any strange or unusual advice! 

Remember to take it as light as a feather and giggle to yourself – people can criticize out fear.

Most importantly – Do what feels right for you 

Namaste, B

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