Stay healthy when you fly

As a previous flight attendant, I know the environment of the aircraft and the havoc it can wreak on your skin and health.

Flying is the most efficient way to travel however it can definitely exacerbate some issues you might already be having.

When I was working, the amount of medical cases we had on board were astronomical. Most that could have been avoided by simple steps of taking better care.

Whether you’re a spring chicken or later in your years, I recommend some basic and accessible tips to help you stay healthy on board.

The most obvious yet widely underestimated statement;   STAY HYDRATED

waterWith the air conditioning and cabin pressure, the environment in the aircraft is extremely dry. It is really easy to become dehydrated so to counteract that, drink enough water.
* Sometimes on board, crew have trouble getting to all the passengers for every single request on busy flights. If you can bring your own water, definitely do that! 
If you cannot take water, bring a bottle so crew can fill it up for you at one time, rather than going back and forth for smaller cups.

Next tip to fight off dryness;   Use moisturizer and creams

mario-badescu-creamI can’t stress this enuogh, apply before you get on board and apply throughout.
A wonderful cream that I LOVE to use is Mario Bedescu’s Hyaluronic Eye Cream 
I typically will put it on before I go to sleep on long haul flights. I will also make sure my hands are well moisturised after I wash them as using soap and water can dry them out more so.
* I buy small empty cosmetics containers to fill up some lotions to take with me on board, rather than lugging around the bigger sized products.

Next up;  Pack your own food

Most of the time, the food served on board are full of preservatives and sodium. In order to stay comfortable and NOT bloated and gassy – stick to natural, whole yet filling foods.
For easy to bring snacks, nuts are a great source of fats and proteins and an easy snack to pack. Fruits and vegetables and tubs of salads and homemade wraps don’t take up too much space and you can dispose of the packaging.
Things to avoid bringing on board – smelly meats (like tuna), foods that require heating or warming (typically on board they don’t have the facilities or space to heat your meal) and foods that are temperature sensitive that might not keep well.


Avoid; Alcohol

If you’re pregnant this is an obvious NO and for others it’s worth considering staying off the booze.
Even though the plane is pressurised, there is still less oxygen at 36,000 feet than on ground. Therefore, drinking just a few drinks may make you feel way more intoxicated than it typically would at your local bar.
Alcohol and mixers with preservatives and caffeine can also cause dehydration which can increase fainting and dizziness.
Not to mention you are flying and turbulence can occur and drinking can increase motion sickness.


Oh – and one more – BRING WET WIPES 

……… no explanation needed



From my experience working on the aircraft I could go on forever but these tips are my go-to’s from short to long haul adventures.

Namaste, B


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