Listening to your own pregnant body

People have opinions and their own experiences with pregnancy, parenthood and their own lives. 

There are certain activities and guidelines that state to specifically avoid while pregnant (like most people agree with smoking and drinking) but there are a lot that are ruled out because of caution and fear. There is a responsibility to keep yourself and your baby as safe as possible, but that doesn’t rule out changing your whole life while you’re pregnant.

There may be activities you’ve done throughout your whole life that your body is built to withstand and cope with even throughout pregnancy. The rule of thumb I typically tell my students is not to start doing something that they know will NOT benefit them. And if it’s a trial and error activity, try it out carefully and know that you should NOT continue if it doesn’t feel right.

Knowing that they have these opinions about what you should do, doesn’t necessarily mean that they know your body best.

It’s easy to get caught up in guilt and fear from other people’s chatter because sometimes it can be super confusing and hard to come to your own decision about what is right.

Here’s a few questions and pointers to ask yourself to help guide you into the right direction;

The key factor, listen to your OWN body – not always the chatter of others.

Use YOUR own common sense is it sensible to to this? Why? Why not?

Take YOUR lifestyle into consideration – how is your health and does this align with your lifestyle? 

Take YOUR bodies reaction into account – maybe you’ve done this before and know how you will react? 

Use your judgement along with safety guidelines – guidelines are for the majority of people however not all.

Go with your gut – without too much debating, what really feels right?
*I’ve been plagued and challenged with a few activities recently that I think in my gut that I will be fine but with over thought and talking of others it’s led me to be unsure of my own feelings. I’ve come up with these questions to ask myself in times that I come across a similar situation again. 

I hope they might help you too!

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