Review: Black Tap Burgers & Shakes, Dubai

Price: $$/$$$$$
Food: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

I am a lover of all thing big and glutenous!
Especially now since I can have the excuse of eating for two 😉

My girlfriends and I arrived at Black Tap in Jumeirah Al Naseem – if you haven’t yet been to the hotel, I highly recommend.

The entrance is grande, full of shiny marble, gold decor and picturesque views shining out of the lobby windows.

Along our walk through the lobby, multiple staff directed us towards the lower level. The decor held up high standards all the way through.

I was the first to arrive at Black Tap and it had a very casual vibe despite the elaborate surroundings – however this is my type of place. Wooden benches, booths with brown leather and a wide open restaurant view to view the water pond that had multiple restaurants encompassing it.

Firstly we ordered table water – which surprisingly comes free of charge (as long as you ask for filtered house water) because most of you know in Dubai, upon asking for water a 40aed addition is directly placed on your bill… at least!

My friends arrived and we pondered the menu.

I personally went for The Californian – a turkey burger with avocado, lettuce, tomato and sweet potato fries on the side.

Thoughts – Not bad… the turkey patty was extremely thick and huge, which had me struggling to finish! Fries were good, if you like soft thick cut fries. BUT what made this dish was an extra serving of truffle mayo that just made my fries a little extra yummy.

My friend went for The Pear Bacon Jam Burger. I at first thought this seemed a bit plain, but it looked and was told it tasted Ah-mazing!!! So add that to the to-do-list. The meat was perfectly cooked, again a very thick patty just like The Californian but it had a true burger taste.

And now for what everyone goes to Black Tap for… the shakes.

We ordered The Cookie Shake to share between 4 of us (noting one person couldn’t have dairy 😆)

It was creamy, sweet, crunchy, but betweenall of us we could handle finishing it without being too ill – which is a win!

The Verdict – My burger was okay but I would love to try a different one next time…
The shake is what truly made this experience worthwhile!
Next time I will aim to finish the whole shake on my own – I’m determined!
It’s too good to share.

I’ll be back Black Tap Dubai

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