Review: BBhugme

Price: $$$/$$$$$
Looks: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4.5/5

THIS IS HEAVEN – in a pillow case

Let me tell you, this is truly the best pillow i’ve wrapped my body around. No joke.

I was initially skeptical of purchasing because the price is substantially higher than most of the pregnancy pillows on the market in the UAE.
I bought a pillow before this (a C-curve shape one) from Groupon and it was nothing like they advertised. It was flat and limp. I tried using it for several weeks but the BBhugme still intrigued me.
My hubby ended up buying it for me online from – arrived quick and all packed up in this cute little bag.

The bag contained a little ‘how-to’ use the pillow.
I thought this was actually just a pregnancy pillow but it turns out there are so many options from pregnancy to post-partum and even can be used for relaxation & yoga poses.

The case came separate in the bag and you need to assemble this on your own, I honestly struggled the most with this part. Squeezing this pillow into a stretchy case but alas I did it! Two ‘pebbles’ are provided for you to adjust the pillow to your desired shape and firmness.

Here is a little info on the actual pillow itself from
‘bbhugme is developed by a team of experienced Scandinavian chiropractors.
The pillow is produced by eco friendly bamboo and BPA free silicon pebbles as well as certified by OEKO/TEX STANDARD 100 and EN71 food grade certification.
bbhugme weighs only 1,8 kg including all accessories, it is antibacterial, sweat repellent and washable.’

The Verdict – I wanted to write my review after using it for a week to really feel if it’s made a difference in the way I am sleeping and my comfort.
The truth is that yes, it is substantially aiding in better sleep for me.
My body is able to actually mould into the pillow, therefore my belly doesn’t feel uncomfortable nor do my legs with the pillow wedged in between.
The thing I love the most is that I am able to adjust the firmness with the pebbles – I like to pull the pebbles super tight as I get a nice height to place in between my legs but also it’s soft enough to not feel like i’m cuddling something rigid.
Honestly I would recommend this pillow to ANYONE!
Especially people suffering from any injuries/back pain that find it hard to get comfortable at night. I even recommend this pillow to men & MY HUSBAND has just ordered himself one LOL – I don’t know who loves it more… me or him!

You can purchase this product online through Bebe et Moi Online Organic Boutique; or

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