My day to day pregnancy essentials

Everybody has their favourite day to day items but typically this might change when entering pregnancy.

My awareness of what I’m putting on my skin and into my body was further heightened when I fell pregnant – genuinely so did my concern for my overall health and how it might impact on my baby.

There were a few things that were altered in my lifestyle help me adapt a healthy and easy pregnancy, but also some key products and habits were introduced as well.

The thing is, there are so many pregnancy hacks/products on the market. If you feel like you need a little help or just want a read on what works for me, read on.

Here is a short but sweet (and purposeful) list of items I would personally recommend by my own trials;

  1. New Chapter Prenatal Multi-vitamin
    Initially I looked into this multi-vitamin as a friend had recommended it and I stayed interested once doing my research.
    Firstly, it’s super important for me that I can take the multi on an empty stomach as it’s part of my routine to get up and have it straight away (otherwise I WILL forget) I tried the tablets and I was able to do this without feeling sick.
    The nutritional value was a lot better compared to other brands that most were lacking in calcium and magnesium so I was pleased with the supplements.
    What impressed me is that these tablets are Gluten and GMO free and they contain 100% organic vegetables and herbs.
    The tablets contain a who-food cultured nutrients to support mum and bub throughout pregnancy – plus also I found out prior to conception, you can also take the tablets to help develop the babies spinal cord and brain in it’s early stages.
  2. Bio Oil
    Yes, Bio Oil. Every single day – all over the belly, thighs, butt cheeks, love handles… you name it!
    I do go to bed in the evening looking and feeling like a greasy mess BUT I will say I am yet to develop any stretch marks during my pregnancy and am now at 28 weeks. Let’s hope it stays that way!
    I have been using a few other products but went back to the old faithful. I do believe it’s well trusted and I love the lightness of it on my skin compared to other heavy and thick ointments.
    I apply this twice a day to my skin directly but also place it in a nice warm tub at the end of the day. It’s a nice way to soak and feel really soft afterwards.
    Bio Oil is safe during pregnancy and post. It helps nourish the skin with hydration and also can help with those annoying dry skin outbreaks and itches that we can often get due to hormones or environmental changes.
    – I will keep you updated to see by the end of my pregnancy if it does it’s job ūüėČ
    (Although we know oils and creams can’t fix everything! It’s worth a shot)
  3. Bbhugme Pillow
    Check my¬†recent blog post of my full review. I won’t bore you with more again – other than the fact that I do love this for lazing on the couch, sleeping in bed, relaxing in savasana and I also have to admit I’m going to take it with me on the plane from Dubai to¬†Australia.
    I DID try other brands and other shaped pillows but they just don’t compare…
    Seriously try for yourself – Available online at or
    1. Essentially UAE juices
      As I’ve expressed that I can sometimes struggle with ensuring I get the ‘right’ nutrition, I find that filling the gaps in between meals with juices has been an amazing tool throughout my ED recovery and my pregnancy.
      They’re super convenient and taste pretty good! I like to have it on the go between yoga classes & meetings so I don’t fall super hungry and end up bingeing.
    2. Paw Paw Ointment
      For upstairs and downstairs! I will use it on my lips as they generally get pretty dry Рespecially with all of the hormonal changes.
      Now, for downstairs¬†maintenance, the¬†paw paw ointment makes a great lubricant for¬†perineum massage to help prevent tearing during birth. I have used different oils (as you can read in a previous post) but I am most comfortable and happy with the paw paw. For tips on how and why to do it, check earlier on in my blog ūüôā
    3. Maternity Jeans
      I never thought I would buy them but here I am¬†recommending them ūüėČ
      But honestly the ones¬†that I purchased from Topshop have been a lifesaver. They have a pretty good range compared to other brands that just don’t seem to have the right fit.
    4. Benefit BB Cream
      I’ve turned off all the heavy foundations and started using something lighter – I love this BB cream as it has a sun protection (35 SPF) and doesn’t have that sunscreen¬†texture to it.
      As my skin has been dealing with loads of breakouts in the first trimester, this light coverage was enough to help me feel confident to walk out without putting on a full face of makeup.
      The cream is applied with a liquid-y texture but adjusts to the skin like powder.
      Not too much shine, but enough hydration. I typically blend the light and medium together to get my perfect shade.
    5. Favourite oil or scent
      As¬†you’ve probably noticed, your sense of smell is heightened and sometimes you catch a whiff of something that typically¬†wouldn’t smell terrible – but it’s making you feel repulsed now!
      I like to carry a scent – in my¬†case,¬†frankincense oil. When I’m starting to smell something that is causing me to¬†react,¬†I’ll place the oil on my wrist and allow my nose to be soothed with the familiar scent.
      Also – using your scent in times of stress/worry/anxiety – it can really help bring you back down to earth. This scent can then be associated with feelings of relief and serenity – which you might want to use during labour!
    6. A comfortable bra
      As underwires are recommended to be thrown out the window, I’ve been on the hunt for a comfy and affordable bra. I’ve come across a store called Tchibo – yes, they stock home products and Knick knacks galore BUT I am super impressed with their bras. This bra has no underwire, is made of breathable cotton and fits like a glove. I’m the type of person to throw off my bra as soon as I walk in the door but I barely feel this one. Best part is that is SUPER cheap – and I’m talking around the 30 Dhs mark. Even if you’re skeptical about buying underwear from this store, it’s too cheap to not try!

    Again, this is what is working and most convenient for me. If you have any alternatives on these products please send them through – I’m always on the hunt to trial different things!

    B x

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