How to NOT make pointless new years resolutions

2018 – a new year to welcome endless possibilities, new opportunities and well… potentially a whole new list of superficial and empty promises to try and keep up for the next 12 months.

Some of us, we do it every single year. We create that list either at the end of December or beginning of January full of hopes and dreams, then close the notebook and for some reason – it doesn’t see the light of day ever again.

WHY? Why do we bother time after time again to make these resolutions that we know we won’t stick to?

Once we’ve reflected on some poor drunken decisions, shameful wardrobe malfunctions and embarrassing work moments, is it that our end of year reflection judges ourselves too critically for the mishaps our ego is holding on to?
With the harsh judgement of oneself looking back on the past year, no wonder we make new years resolutions that are typically unrealistic to stick to.
When you are hard on yourself for your past decisions, it’s usually quite challenging to be soft and kind to yourself for future plans.

With the critical reflection and often times wallowing in self pity thinking ‘Gosh I really shouldn’t have eaten so much over the Christmas break’ – I have a solution to help us all get over the sighing past year reflection…..

Let’s just not make any new years resolutions at all!

And I don’t mean this in the sense of, hey! F*** it! Let’s never aspire to become a better person or work harder on myself…

BUT drop the mopey sad replay of 2017, no need to dwell.
Move forward by NOT holding onto the past years events.
Look ahead to 2018 and see a clean slate, yes – a ‘new beginning’ – or whatever you wish to transcribe it as.
Don’t hold yourself to heightened expectations that force you to feel even sh***er about yourself if you don’t complete them – because so what if you don’t!
Revel in the new year but also remember, it’s another day on the calendar in the cycle of your life. Every single day is NEW and EXCITING and a brand new welcoming for opportunity.

Put down the notebook and stop asking yourself what you could have done differently in 2017.
Accept what has been done and look forward without the harsh judgement and critique and step into your new year/day with open eyes and lack of expectation.

They say ‘expectation is the root of all heartache’
& I say let’s not have either of those this year

Happy New Year!

B x

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