Hospital Bags done right!

As most of us can’t be prepared for exactly when baby is going to make their arrival, we need to have some kind of early preparation for when they decide to enter the world. 

Preparing the hospital bag full of your essentials is a necessity, not just for mum but also for baby AND dad. I am going to be the first to admit I didn’t even think about the dad’s bag!

There is so much info about what you need to bring for yourself and your family. Keeping in mind this is going to differ depending on what hospital you go to and how long your ‘intended’ stay is.

You can search google for days, ask your friends and prepare lists OR find a company that actually does the pre-packed maternity bags!

In the UAE, Bumps to Birth  have done an amazing job of putting together bags for mum, baby & dad.
Bumps to Birth is formed by two Dubai based ladies that realised that putting together a bag for labour is actually a laborious task – therefore they’ve created these super convenient pre-packed bags that can be purchased and all of your essentials are enclosed hassle free. 

This really is an amazing gift for any mum to be, even a purchase for yourself or for your wife, just to take the stress off organising all of the little items you might typically forget. 

A few highlights I’ve noticed from these bags are some handy personal touches like hair ties and safety pins for the mums bag and even an additional checklist to remind you of the documents you need to bring to the hospital. 

Here is a breakdown of what they have provided in their Deluxe pre-packed maternity bag for mums:

Vaseline x1
Shampoo x1
Bodywash x1
Deodorant x1
Toothpaste x1
Toothbrush x1
Palmer’s nursing cream x1
Massage oil x1
Pocket tissues x1
Sanitary bags x10
Shower cap x1
Nursing pads x18
Maternity pads x1 pack
Cotton briefs x3
Cotton socks x1
Hairbrush x1
Document folder x1
Labour gown x1
Nursing cover x1
Slippers x1
Laundry bag x1

I will mention that I have also added my own personal items to my bag:

Essential Oils (Frankincense and Lavender)
Coconut Oil
Nursing bras
Night gown
Comfortable clothes for the hospital stay (2 x pair of tights and 2 x tops)
BB cream

By having these 3 bags sitting in my house, I know that coming up to 38 weeks, I feel a lot more prepared for the hospital visit due to the fact that I’ve had the help to organise the items I’ll need during the hospital stay. 

Check out for their full range of bags & individual products for purchase.

B  x

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